Ratan Tata

The international section of the Der Spiegel website have conducted an interview with indian industrialist Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata interview

Photograph of Tata Logo

SPIEGEL: Mr. Tata, the purchase of Corus is the largest ever takeover of a foreign firm by an Indian company. Was this just a business deal, or — as many observers have suggested — a symbol of India’s growing influence?

Tata: It is primarily a strategic acquisition. Corus offers us a good springboard for entry into the European market. It enables us to achieve a global scale. And most important: Corus employees are similar to ours and used to producing our kind of top quality products. All things considered, it was a very good expansion of our steel business. And even if I don’t see the deal symbolically — maybe it shows that an Indian company now not only wants to play an important role in India, but also seeks to be a global player.


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  1. […] India , Economics  The famed German magazine Der Spiegel (The Mirror) interviews Ratan Tata (via Bainite). I was happy to see his commitment to the safety of Indian families: Again and again here in […]

  2. It is nice to read this interview from this Blog, I did not know about it. I have noticed what Ratan Tata has said about the strength and creativity of Indian people as individuals. Prof. Amartya Sen had expressed similar point of view in his book “The argumentative Indian”. I think I have also discussed it with Mathew many times in the past. However, in the present world I think that is more of a weakness than a strength and we Indians have to be careful about it. Ratan Tata is a great industrialist, and if his dreams for Indian economy are realised India will really shine.

  3. Pseudo Democracy ??

    I read a very nice chat between Mathew and Guru on Ratan Tata’s interview. We Indians have come to a stage where we should probably ask ourselves if the great democracy we tom-tom about so much is doing any good for us, in its present shape. China does not have a “democracy”, but are the people of China living a worse life than the Indians?? If not what is our democracy doing for us?? Guru has mentioned about Singoor protest and mentioned that Ratan Tata probably wanted a China like situation in India where there would not have been any protest against the acquisition of farmland. I can not read the mind of other people but has one point to make. There are real voices of concern which are unheard in India and that is there in every part of the country and in every conceivable matter ranging from domestic violence to corruption in the political system. We do not see people up in arms to protest these things in a manner they are protesting the industrialisation. Second question is who are protesting in Singoor and third, those who are protesting are they living a happy life now?? There are times when common people will not like to take risks, it is then the turn of the state to educate them and to show the way. This is how all the industrially developed countries have progressed in the past, why would we Indians would like to be an exception?? It is nice to see from a distance that a couple of farmers are farming their small piece of land, barefoot, with the help of an animal who is so malnourished that it can hardly walk. The poets can also write poems about it, but at the end of the day it is that farmer and not that “intellectual” (who is fueling the protest against the acquisition of farmland) going to bed without food. The people, who are well-off in the society, who are talented enough to get a job and earn enough to send their children abroad for education are against the industrialisation of India. Probably they are too scared to loose the daughters and wives of the farmers from “singoor” as cheap domestic helps at their houses.

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