When strong steels become tired – fatigue

Not a subject to get tired of…

Prof Harry Bhadeshia gave a seminar at KTH, discussing fatigue of steels. Fatigue performance is critical for many applications. In this talk we can hear about mechanisms of fatigue, and how we can design against fatigue failure. Particular attention is paid to steels for use as rails, bearings and shafts, applications were Giga-Pascal-strengths are required in bulk.

Here we can see the Seminar and discussion:

Crystallography Book

Geometry of crystals, polycrystals and phase transformations by H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia is now freely available in electronic form!


Relevant to all the best problems in bainite and other systems.



Book release photo gallery

More Books by H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia





Festival of crystallography


AlphaZero perspective on value in chess

AlphaZero is an AI which has been trained to play several sorts of games. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/362/6419/1140

By training not from existing games but by self-play, has provided a new analysis of games. The style of play is different from more traditional chess engines due to the more complex analysis performed, which provides a different perspective on the value of different moves.

Some videos from IM Anna Rudolf on AlphaZero syle of chess play. There is a playlist on her youtube site here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtwgYi5EtlSc39zoTVl_oAYCvU0MY5Q_Q

AlphaZero’s Attacking Chess

AlphaZero’s Positional Play (Exchange Sacrifice!)

Visiting the DeepMind Headquarters: My AlphaZero Challenge

Attack Like AlphaZero: Opposite-Side Castling (Lesson 1)

Attack Like AlphaZero: Damaged Kingside (Lesson 2)

Attack Like AlphaZero: The Power of the King (Lesson 3)

Steel Science 2017 online

International Symposium on Steel Science

Characterization and design of multiscale heterostructures in advanced steels.


SpaceX discover wonders of steel rocket skins

When SpaceX started fabricating the top portion of a space ship from steel, and building it exposed to the elements rather than in a hanger, contracting a company that normally builds water towers, people speculated that it was just a mock-up because their “Hopper” is a development platform, not intended to do into space. However as more details have been revealed it seems like this is a first step for SpaceX in using stainless steel for a reusable rocket. Here they use an Austenitic Stainless steel, a material suitable for use at cryogenic temperatures and with a greater temperature capability than aluminium. A particular advantage may be the lower thermal conductivity, since it is intended to have heat tiles attached to the outside,


Rock Hard Carbide

Hard Rock cafe in Chicago is in the Carbide and Carbon Building, maybe a more appropriate name would be the “Rock Hard Cafe”? Carbides are fairly hard materials, and carbon, in the form of diamond is the hardest.

Hard Rock Cafe, Carbide and Carbon Building, Chicago.

Hard Rock Cafe, Carbide and Carbon Building, Chicago.

More info on one carbide (Fe3C cementite):