New Airbus design excites engine manufacturers and carbon traders

This new design of Airbus with 12 engines is exciting manufacturers. With so many engines each one will only have to do a fraction of the work. Producing such a great number of engines will be a challenge but there are efficiency savings to be made from the high volume and greater standardisation.

The body of the plane has been specially enlarged to carry a greater amount of fuel necessary to carry the same number of passengers. It is not known how it can be flown economically but their are rumours that Airlines who buy such a plane will be eligible to make large profits from trading the carbon credits they would receive by not flying it.

One use may be to clear runways and airports of snow by doing a flyby rather than having to go to the expense of buying expensive snow ploughs and having to have specially trained staff to drive them.

Spoof Airbus

New Airbus design excites engine manufacturers

On seeing the plane an American commentator said that the plane not be as stealthy or manoeuvrable as the F35 and would probably lose in a dogfight even against cheap European fighter planes because of the lack of thrust vectoring.

A spokesman for Boeing commented that Airbus was only able to build such a plane because of uncompetitive subsidies received by European companies. They are rumoured to soon release plans of a 14 engined plane which will be able to specialise for shorter flights between local hubs.

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  2. You can find a new release of Airbus design for 2050 on several websites such as this one:

    Features such as, transparent walls, neural network interface for plane to respond to passengers, seats which morph to your body (like a cushion?).

  3. one engine foe each passenger….. just sit on the engine and do away with the plane

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