Judging a Harry Potter book by its cover?

The new front cover designs of the new Harry Potter book have been realeased! I remember the last Harry Potter book was all over the press when it was realsed too, with the conroversy about releasing the book simultaneosly, and people from the town it was printed in making bets about the plot. No doubt we will have the same fiasco this time too.

I know this is a popular series of books, but isn’t it a bit much to have two book covers for the same book?

I mean it’s written for children, the contents are the same, right? So if you would be embarrased to read the childrens version on the train, why not the same book in a different cover?

Harry Pottern Book Cover


Feng shui steel?

I found this nice clip on youtube, an extract from “Salmon of Doubt” read by Simon Jones, the guy who played Arthur Dent in the radio and television series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Atheist Douglas Adams is talking about the possible usefulness of the idea of ‘god’.

As an illustration, the organic approach to interaction design is explained, using the ‘Feng shui dragon’ as a model persona for design of living spaces.

What I’m trying to asking myself is now is “How would a dragon would make a steel?” Probably they wouldn’t be happy with metal that wasn’t gold or silver.

The Doors of Perception?

I found this image amazing, probably the technology is very much in its infancy, but can you image the impact on your perception by seeing via electronic means? Being able to restore someones vision is always nice, but with a system like this we are on the way to have terminator style head up dispay?

This image is from the Carl Zeiss Innovations magazine:
Implanted Chip in Eye

In other terminator related news a satellite system “SkyNet” – with the same name of the system which destroys the world in the Terminator movies – is being launched by the British Military.

Strange Review

I was shown this strange review from Materials Today published in 2003, saying that Jack Christians book is at an undergraduate level. It’s probably the most complete book on phase transformations at an advanced level, amazon are charging £196.50 for this book new.

This is the article;
Christian Review

and this is the key/legend;
Christian Review Key

How to metallise your browser

Any self respecting metallurgist should now be using firefox, it’s more secure than Internet Explorer, it’s open source, it’s free, it’s has nifty features (some of which internet explorer has now had to copy). It is highly extensible and customisable, allowing the development of plugins, extensions and themes.

Metallurgists should use this browser, along with the aluminium theme:
Aluminium Alloy

aluminium alloy screen shot

Other metal/materials themes to consider are;
Metal Lion
Blue Ice