Presentation with latex pdf and pdf-presenter-console

How to make a presentation using latex if you want to do such a thing?

Why do such a thing? For a presentation can we really separate content and design? Open source is best source, right?

In any case it might be useful to know that LaTeX has document class beamer which provides a template for making slides, and that pdf-presenter-console is an option for displaying slides.

In your favorite or favourite text editor, make a document, for example save as present.tex


%comment: aspectratio, valid values are 169, 1610, 149, 54, 43 and 32, default is 128mm x 96 mm (4:3)
\title{Title of the Talk goes here}
\author{Mathew Peet}

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}
%comment: switch off navigation symbols at the bottom of each page


\frametitle{This is an example frame}
Some text

\frametitle{This is a frame with a list}
\item first item
\item second item


These can be made into pdf’s and then projected. First compile to a make a pdf.

> pdlatex present.tex

You could try compiling to dvi using the latex command, and then dvips or dvipdf to make ps or pdf file. You might need different header depending on what sorts of images you use. pdflatex can more natively deal with images in pdf, png, jpg formats, etc.

With the header above, a fancy list of composers could be included like so;

\frametitle{Famous Composers}
J.\ S.\ Bach & 1685--1750 \\
W.\ A.\ Mozart & 1756--1791 \\
L.\ Beethoven & 1770--1827 \\
F.\ Chopin & 1810--1849 \\
R.\ Schumann & 1810--1856 \\
B.\ Bartok & 1881--1945 \\ \hline

And a image could be included like so (TeX-zone.pdf TeX-zone.jpg etc).

\frametitle{Including Graphics with Beamer}

Connect PC to projector, you may need to use hdmi cable with an suitable adapter. Set the projector up as a second screen on your desktop. Most operating systems will automatically detect the screen automatically if everything is working OK.

Use pdf-presenter-console or pdfpc to project the pdf full screen onto the projector screen, whatever method you use, leave plenty of time to test the system before your talk, and take a look what your slides will look like once projected. The screen will have a different size than your usual desktop, usually with less pixels than your computer screen. Projectors all have different brightness and different amount of contrast they can achieve, so what looked great on your desktop or laptop may become illegible.

pdf-presenter console

pdf-presenter-console looks like this – a bit like keynote on mac. Is the link to pdfpc, there you can find a demo pdf file with some documentation. Once you load pdf-presenter-console, it’s intuitive to navigate, and you have the demo file to read. Pressing the ‘?’ question mark key, will bring up a cheat sheet with the commands. You can add notes to a presentation by pressing ‘Ctrl-N’ and writing a note in the bottom right space. Exit with ‘Ctrl-Q’ will save an additional file with the notes in, with extension .pdfpc

The contents of the .pdfpc file look like this:

verlay":0,"note":"This is a note."}]}

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