Reversible preference for Johnny Cash by Deep Brain Stimulation with N=1

This clinical case study is interesting, a man in the Netherlands developed a fondness for Johnny Cash after being treated for compulsion and depression by deep brain simulation using four electrodes. A voltage of 5.0V and pulse of 90ms and frequency of 185 HZ applied to one of the electrodes, others had fixed positive of negative voltage applied. Decrease in compulsion and depression was noticed after 6 weeks. The patient reported he has discovered a love for the music of Johnny Cash after hearing ring of fire on the radio, but also that when the battery on the Deep Brain Stimulation ran down he reverted to his previous listening habits. (Dutch music, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones).

Front. Behav. Neurosci., 06 May 2014 |

A case of musical preference for Johnny Cash following deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens

Mariska Mantione1*Martijn Figee1 and Damiaan Denys

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