Toshiba Timeline

  • Tanaka Hashashing commissioned to produce telegraphic equipment by Japanese Ministry of Engineering. Founds Tanaka Seisakusho.

  • Tanaka Dies 1881.

  • A portion of the business is sold to GE. Torpedos and Mines and produced for the Navy, until it starts own production, resulting in insolvency 1893. Resulting in purchase by Mitsui Bank, and renamed Shibaura Engineering Works.

  • Deal with GE for technology share, for 1/4 of the company, 1910.

  • Great Earthquake of 1923, results in government banning the production of home appliances, as shift focus to war economy.

  • Worries/ pressure over US relations due to GE ownership, lead to Merger with another GE partner — Tokyo Denki, forming Tokyo Shibauru Denki in 1939.

  • Tokyo Denki focused on electronics, manufacture of radio equipment, further conglomeration by acquisition. Microwave, MRI, Toshiba American Information Systems.

  • 1955 AM radio
  • 1984, Renaming or company to Toshiba.

  • Toshiba caught selling submarine propeller equipment to the USSR.

  • 2001 start of a seven year partnership with Orion Electric to produce TVS. Shutdown of CRT.

  • Bought Westinghouse for 3x evaluation. The purchase should make sense given the need for green energy production to reduce global CO2 emissions.

  • 2011 Fukushima disaster.

  • Bankruptcy of Westinghouse

  • Restructuring of Toshiba to finance Westinghouse Bankruptcy and withdrawal from consumer markets expected to be complete by 2024.

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