Vibranium Metal Prices Hit By Global Slump in Demand

Vibranium prices have slumped as seen by the prices at a recent trade show in London. It’s not known if this drastic collapse in prices is due to the general slow down in the world economy following the economic crisis and resulting miss-allocation of funds, or the result of the “Vibranium Cancer” problem. The Vibranium Cancer incident occurred when a the more stable form of Vibranium came into contact with Captain America’s Shield, and the transformation front started to move through the world. Although global crisis was averted, the incident did show how little is known about this wonder metal, and the associated risks.

Captain America's Shield Now at Bargain Prices

Captain America’s Shield Now at Bargain Prices

This seems like bad news for the country of Wakanda where Vibranium ore is mined, and is usually a lucrative export.


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