Guest Book

This page is to serve as a guestbook for visitors just to say they have been here, or my site at I used to have a guestbook there but was impossible to manage spam with the code that I could write and maintain myself.


  1. Nice posts.
    Thank you for the open access to your articles.
    Do you already have something written on superalloys?
    Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo , (Brazil)
    If you ever need something from Brazil, feel free to contacts us

  2. Nice work! Very informational, I used this list today to confirm call sign viper. Since Tombstone is unused I am claiming it for myself.

  3. Hello, I really liked their work. Thanks for providing the materials. I’m doing my thesis in bainitic steels free carbide in Brazil. Congratulations for your work.

  4. You sir are a god amongst men 🙂 Adding the eps option to the set terminal postscript is something I have been looking for a long time to get the orientation right. I’d buy you a beer if I could. Cheers.

  5. Hello,

    I’m looking for the type of set-up used in this demo-experiment:

    Do you know where I can by the set-up? Or where I can by the glass-metal? Or do you know if it works similarily good with other hard materials, cemented carbide or so?

  6. Thanks for posting some interesting work and photos re Bainite. Based on your post thesis experience what new understanding would you now emphasize? T Glasgow (occasional ASMI instructor)

  7. Hi Mathew, I stumbled onto your blog by chance. This is one of the best blogs that I have seen or visited in months. Congratulations in putting together and maintaining an amazing site. It is uncluttered, well written and easily readable, all factors that would make me come back to visit again, although your subject matter falls far out of my own field of interest and experience. Visiting your blog is a good experience that I would like to repeat.

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