Amazon health care?

Amazon has started a new company with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to provide health care to its employees.

World of Steel Imports and Exports allows us to remap the world making different countries scaled by various metrics (population, GPD, internet users, etc).

For example, this shows which countries are the biggest steel importers;

Map with countries scaled by steel imports.

Map with countries scaled by steel imports.

And this is the countries scaled by steel exports;

Map with countries scaled by steel exports.

Map with countries scaled by steel exports.

Prof. Hans Rosling has made other data and analysis tools available at I talked about that here:

Apple Titan icar — available in any color as long as it’s white?

Apple — the iphone maker, not the record label; is rumoured to be developing an electric car. I wonder if this means they have taken up the designs that Elon Musk made available by releasing his patents in a move to open up the market. In much the same way that they took up the BSD system to create OSX, the system on their profitable iphone.

So what would an apple car look like and what segment would be targeted? Leaked pictures look like they are developing a big black people carrier.

The guardian gave 10 cheeky reasons to hope that apple isn’t developing a car.

‘Scientist’ jailed for faking results

BBC report about scientist jailed for faking results. Steven Eaton from Cambridgeshire was convicted in March 2013 under the 1999 Good Laboratory Practice Regulations. The court heard that while working at the Edinburgh branch of US based pharmaceutical firm Aptuit in 2009, Mr Eaton manipulated experimental results, so that a drug would proceed to human trails.

Mr Eaton was convicted by Sheriff Michael O’Grady QC, and received the maximum possible sentence of three months, the Sheriff said his powers were inadequate for this case, and a longer sentence would be justified. Mr Eaton’s defence lawyer, claimed his client did not benefit financially from the fraud, as he was only making £35,000 per year.

Mr Eaton was reported by his employers after they became suspicious and reported him to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Story with generic science pictures can be found also at these sites:

Tata invest in UK

Two stories today where TATA group companies are making new investments in the UK.

One is Jaguar Land Rover (TATA MOTORS) announced a £355m engine plant in Wolverhampton, which will create 750 skilled jobs.

Guardian/ jaguar-land-rover-plant-midlands

Another is TATA Steel to make new military armour at Port Talbot.

Wales Online super bainite at Port Talbot.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the new site can be built in UK compared to building in India, where public protest has slowed several projects, and to know if that had any role in the decision by TATA to opt to build this plant in the UK. Tata experienced problems in building of Tata `Nano’ car plant, and Posco has faced many delays in building a new steel works.