Yummy Iron

This phase diagram is making me hungry for some reason… Fer Fondu sounds yummy.

Fer Fondu
Fer Fondu

Taken from International Association for Testing Materials, VIth Congress, New York, 1912, “The Nomenclature of the microstructure substances and structures of steel and cast iron”.


  1. A quick google search found some interesting images (plenty of molten metal). Perhaps with a much more thorough search, we could find some recipes!

  2. Mathew – it could reasonably be argued that beta-iron in fact should be distinguished from alpha, because the ferromagnetic form does not have cubic symmetry. This is because the magnetic spins are aligned, say along the $z$ axis, so that rotations about the $x$ or $y$ axes must be combined with time reversal to preserve the directions of the spins. The magnetic point group becomes tetragonal. It follows that the ferrite structure below the Curie temperature is tetragonal, but the extent of tetragonality is small and neglected in most experiments.

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