Geoguessr – geography game

Geoguessr is an entertaining way to pass time, and see the world from your computer. Your screen will position you with random view from google streetview, and you have to click on a world map to locate your position. The closer you get, the higher the score, if you get the location within 12 m the score is 6479. Repeat 5 times and sum the scores.

My high score was 10702.

Screenshot from geogussr (iceweasel)

Screenshot from geogussr (iceweasel)

Geoguessr has also been developed into a UK version (the poster child of fish and chips?) which can be played here: — released as a Beta version.


First web page recreated

CERN is set to publish a recreation of the first web page (report BBC), a page which encompass all the ideals that Tim Berners Lee built into the heart of the internet, with his innovation of the hyperlink. — interconnectivity and sharing of information openly

Image of first website

First Website as seen in 2013 the location of the first website, currently at the url you can read information about the first web site, including a link to a copy of the website from 1993 1993 website

Tim Burners Lee

Tim Burners Lee

The earliest available phase transformation group website is from 1997 and can be found here: No news yet about if Harry Bhadeshia has plans to recreate the first PT-group website.

Way back machine

Way back machine – an archive of the internet

Bitcoin crash?

Bitcoin (Bitcoin on wikipedia) has had a lot of exposure in the media recently due it’s apparent rise in value. Also with apparent troubles in the world economy it is of interest to talk about Bitcoin as a alternative to centrally managed currencies. The recent price rises seems to have triggered some speculation which pushed the price to rise exponentially, and eventually fall.

Bitcoin Price

Charts from

News media has had a lot of stories talking up the price rise and the fall.

This rapid adjustment in price against the dollar has been described as a crash.

If we take a look on a logarithmic chart of the bitcoin price against dollars, we can see similar movements have occurred before. I think this would count as a crash for a centrally managed currency because it would call into question the managing authorities ability to provide price stability.

Bitcoin price history

Doppleganger search




Sophie Robehmed, a freelance journalist is searching for her own doppleganger, using the power of the internet, social networking, like twitter and facebook,, etc. It seems like Google’s neural network based image search (search link for above image) (search with alternative image)
is not able to provide this functionality as yet.

The image search is able to find other copies of the original flyer, or lots of pictures with women with brown hair, pictures of people with surrounded by similar colours as the image you are searching with… I guess that is pretty impressive but not doppelganger level yet. I guess this is to be expected since it is image search, not face search. I think better software is available for face matching. I think there is software available for automatic tagging of pictures (facebook would make a good database for training your neurons!).

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, Secret Revealed.

Now we have evidence, there is more than one H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, that’s how he can do some much metallurgy. You think someone would have noticed with so many of them. But you never see more than one at a time.

ResearchGate Bhadeshia

Search Results for Bhadeshia on Research Gate

Alexa results for

According to, Cambridge is slightly above Oxford in terms of web visitors, interestingly visitors to Oxford website stay longer, around 4 minutes compared to 3 minutes – either they have better content, or their site is harder to navigate, or people who visit read slower?

On all the sites about 60% of visitors look at just one page before moving on (start up pages?) and 30% of visitors are the result of web seaches.

American institutes get far more visitors than their UK cousins. Is the web used so much more extensively in America and what will be the consequences?

Alexa results for

Alexa results for