Lenovo T410 Fan Error



My 1 year old Lenovo T410 started to get an Fan error during booting. I wonder if this is caused by me recently using the laptop positioned in a holder at an angle, or possibly due to the computer failing to suspend because of firefox/flash using 100% or processor over night.

I was a bit upset about this error because I recently got around to setting up my linux debian squeeze system to the point were wireless networking works perfectly, and fixing a problem with screen brightness.

Some advice suggested trying to remove dust, pressing laptop in certain location, or replacing the fan.

Error occurs only on a fresh boot, seems worse if laptop has been in transit, or has been switched off for some time. Some of comments on the Lenovo discussion board reported a lot of failures on Monday in office situation, after users have taken laptops home during weekend.

T410 Fan Failures discussion.

After reading 9 pages of discussion, there is some advice to update the bios, the download is available from Lenovo support, Download. I applied this update from Windows 7, after fully charging the battery and with power connected and with no other programs running.

I haven’t received the error again after the BIOS update, but only had a few boots. Had the fan error warning last week once, and repeatedly yesterday (fortunately laptop eventually booted normally). Fan seems to sound same as usual and is pushing heat out from laptop, so I hope there is no hardware problem.

Laptop repair

Laptop repair