Women’s football played by teams of women shocker

I think this might be an abuse of internet bandwidth by the BBC…

Women's Football World Cup Results (League stage)

Women’s football, played by women

When it comes to Men’s football, no gender is specified anywhere, this is a bit confusing for me. Also the page of Women’s football contains football league table for the Men’s premiership, maybe it would be chance to link to club level Women’s football? That’s certainly what my expectation was.


Tokyo and Fukushima win Olympic prize

Tokyo won out as the “safe option” against Madrid and Istanbul in the competition to host the Olympic games. Also good news Prime Minister Abe gave a promise to clean up the Fukushima plant by 2020.

In Japanese he provided following soundbite:
“We understand that there have been people voicing concerns over the contaminated water issue in Fukushima. What I can say is the government is taking the lead here to completely solve the issue. And to do that we are implementing drastic measures with firm resolve. I will be explaining (to the International Olympic Committee) that in seven years time, in 2020, it will not be a problem at all.”

Hamilton breaks rules, striped of ‘victory’.

Don't drive for Maclaran

Hamilton broke one major rule of F1 on Sunday to finish first in the Spa Grandprix, stupidly forgetting to paint his car red before trying to win the race, and even having the cheek to pass a red car! This fragrant disregard for the rules of F1 resulted in a 25 second ‘stop-win’ penalty.

Does anyone know if there is a rule about passing on the grass, that you need to let the other car past and stay behind for a certain time to show you didn’t gain advantage? Hamilton let Raikkonen pass him but then immediately was in his strip stream again, and passed in the following corners.