Safety First — Wurzels star in Farm Safety Song

Iconic band “The Wurzels” has teamed up with students at Moreton Morrell College to produce a farm safety music video promoting farm safety. The video promotes the “Yellow Wellies Campaign” of the Farm Safety Foundation/ NFU Mutual. The campaign asks “Who Would Fill Your Boots?” to farmers in the case of injury or death at work.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, 27 people died in farm accidents in the year to April 2014. Farming often involves working long hours with Heavy machinery, livestock, exposed to the elements.

Whilst farming accounts for 1.5% of the UK’s workforce, it accounts for 15-20% of workplace fatalities.

Have a safe day.

Farm Safety track 2015

Original track 1976

Transocean transubstantiate transgressions transparently for transactions.

Transocean reported it surpassed its safety targets resulting in larger bonus’ for its board, also noted deaths in ‘BP’ oil spill.

Indian Roads

BBC news is carry a story about the dangerous driving in India. 100,000 people killed on the roads per year (2006).

The BBC is following Prof. Bhadeshia who reported about this after his visit to india in 2007.

Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 3

Movie 4

Movies of the traffic courtesy of Professor David Matlock, Colorado School of Mines. Hosted by Professor Bhadeshia at link above.