Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014 (OOTYA 2014)

Rectal Feeding – OOTYA 2014.

Congratulations to the CIA, who have been awarded the Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014 (OOTYA 2014) for their use of “Rectal Feeding”. The rape of prisoners (and the English language) by CIA officials was revealed when the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued it’s report on CIA torture — actually the “Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program”.

In the program interrogation techniques were used such as depriving prisoners (remember held without charge) of sleep for as long as a week, being told they would be killed while in American custody, and repeatedly being drowned.  Some prisoners were subjected to medically unnecessary “rectal feeding” or “rectal hydration” a technique the CIA chef of interrogation described   as exerting “total control over the detainee”.

Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014. Congratulations to Rectal Feeding and the CIA.

Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014. Congratulations to Rectal Feeding and the CIA.

Rectal Feeding can be used as a medical treatment when liquids containing nutrients that can be absorbed by the lower intestines are used, such as sugars or saline solution. However the report reportedly contains the statement that  “Majid Khan’s lunch tray, consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts, and raisins was ‘puréed’ and rectally infused”.

Tony Blair earns millions after leaving post as PM

According to article here: Business insider / Blair Kuwait Consulting Fees Tony Blair has received fee of $43 Million dollars form government of Kuwait for preparing report “Kuwait 2035”. Along with position of advisor for JP Morgan and other consultancy fees he may have earned as much as $5 for each of the 1 million dead caused by his illegal invasion of Iraq.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair

No news about Gordon Brown yet, but he made noises that he wanted to do Charity work, so expect to see him show up at IMF, UN, WWF, etc. He should have lots of banker friends after selling of most of UK’s gold at lowest possible price.

LIberal Doublespeak – paying more is paying less



Liberal democrats are claiming that students who will pay more for their education in the future will be paying less.

Their argument seems to be that the longer you delay paying back a loan, and the slower you pay it back the better.

I’m a bit worried that politicians can make this argument so easily, I think this is the same way they think about borrowing on the national scale. At least on the national scale one thing they often seem to forget is that the cost of borrowing can change.

I think it is very disingenuous to claim that richer students will pay more for their loans because they will pay them back sooner. Also does this mean no one will have a choice but to borrow to pay for their education, will it be compulsory to take loans from the government, or will students be allowed to pay upfront if they have the money? Paddy Ashdown seemed to claim that no one will pay for their education (only pay it back later).

Did we enter the world of double speak?

If anyone knows where I can read the proposals for this legislation please let me know. Mr Ashdown suggested we should read, but didn’t say where.