Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014 (OOTYA 2014)

Rectal Feeding – OOTYA 2014.

Congratulations to the CIA, who have been awarded the Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014 (OOTYA 2014) for their use of “Rectal Feeding”. The rape of prisoners (and the English language) by CIA officials was revealed when the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued it’s report on CIA torture — actually the “Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program”.

In the program interrogation techniques were used such as depriving prisoners (remember held without charge) of sleep for as long as a week, being told they would be killed while in American custody, and repeatedly being drowned.  Some prisoners were subjected to medically unnecessary “rectal feeding” or “rectal hydration” a technique the CIA chef of interrogation described   as exerting “total control over the detainee”.

Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014. Congratulations to Rectal Feeding and the CIA.

Oxymoron of the Year Award 2014. Congratulations to Rectal Feeding and the CIA.

Rectal Feeding can be used as a medical treatment when liquids containing nutrients that can be absorbed by the lower intestines are used, such as sugars or saline solution. However the report reportedly contains the statement that  “Majid Khan’s lunch tray, consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts, and raisins was ‘puréed’ and rectally infused”.


Oxymoron of the Year Award 2013 (OOTYA 2013)

I would like to confirm the rumour that this years oxymoron of the year award (OOTYA 2013) is presented to the term “non-governmental organisation (NGO)”. How can they be organised without governing themselves? The announcement of the award was met with a deafening silence by the small crowd of followers to this blog.


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