Apple Titan icar — available in any color as long as it’s white?

Apple — the iphone maker, not the record label; is rumoured to be developing an electric car. I wonder if this means they have taken up the designs that Elon Musk made available by releasing his patents in a move to open up the market. In much the same way that they took up the BSD system to create OSX, the system on their profitable iphone.

So what would an apple car look like and what segment would be targeted? Leaked pictures look like they are developing a big black people carrier.

The guardian gave 10 cheeky reasons to hope that apple isn’t developing a car.


Steel butterflies minimise earthquake damage

Scientists in Stanford university and others have developed earthquake resistant steel frames in which yielding of steel is used to dissipate the energy of the earth quake.

The steel frame structure contains replaceable cut steel plate ‘fuses’ which deform during the earthquake, and can be replaced easily afterwards.

Images of cut steel butterfly after simulated earthquake

Read more here: Standford Press release and here: Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation pages