Hawking warns about alien contact

Stephen Hawking says although life almost certainly exists elsewhere, we should not attempt to actively initiate contact with extra–terrestrial life forms. As Jared Diamond has pointed out before, historical evidence of encounters between humans, and biological evidence of contacts of different groups of animals, shows it always goes badly for the native population, often resulting […]

Best Posts

Here is a list of posts I like on the bainite blog, not necessarily the ones that get the most traffic. Miscellaneous topics: How to Make a Diamond – this seems like a popular topic, no you can’t just microwave your lunch for a long time. Reading Machiavelli – short discussion of the misrepresentation of […]

Tin Pest Observation

The transformation of tin from it’s metallic state into a powdered state is increasing important due to the use of lead-free solders, which are almost pure tin. The transformation involves two naturally occurring forms (allotropes) of tin, the semi-conducting powder form is labeled the alpha-tin and the metallic form is a beta-tin. The transformation usually […]

Honest Spam

I just received the most honest spam, subject line “[[utf-8] Phishing] – You’ve received a question about eBay item: @NEW designer DKNY latest watch with diamond spring 08@ (110243158561)“. Either this spam is filtered and marked as phishing, but still allowed into my inbox, which I don’t understand. Or the spammers are really using ‘Phishing’ […]

Final Preparation techniques for TEM

Material Technique Details Reference Fe-Si, S.S. EW 60% H3PO4, 40% H2SO4, 9V Tomlinson 1958 Many Steels E 96% CH3COOH, 4% H2O + 200 g/l CrO3. Stir at 65°C for 1 hr. Cool use at » 10 V. Rinse in alcohol, dip in acetic acid before replacing in electrolyte. Glenn and Raley 1963 Fe, mild steel […]