Amazon Tweets

Amazon have added link to post details of your purchases via ‘social media’, so you can inform the world of how you are spending your money. Does that mean every purchase you tweet or post on facebook about counts as conspicuous consumption?

Tweet your purchases


Wikipedia offline

The Wikipedia site was disabled today to protest against the restriction of free speech in proposed new legislation. Read More about the SOPA and PIPA bills at Wikipedia.

If you usually use wikipedia you may find this information useful, I previously wrote about how to have access to Wikipedia while offline.

Wikipedia SOPA Protest

Wikipedia SOPA Protest

If you are really desperate to read Wikipedia today it is still available in languages other than English.

Read wikipedia offline thanks to 0.8 release and kiwix

Thanks to kiwix I am now able to browse and search wikipedia articles offline. Kiwix allows browsing of compressed `zim’ files, zim files are downloadable for wikipedia in various languages.

In most of the languages versions available these zim files contain all of the pages. For english wikipedia the file contains ~47,300+ articles of the 0.8 release of wikipedia (wikipedia_en_wp1_0.8_45000+_12_2010.zim) from December 2010. This was a test release by the Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team, who selected articles based on quality and importance. The file is 3.8Gb and contains text and some images, usually the thumbnails you would see on usual wikipedia files.

It seems like kiwix uses code from the chrome web brower, so maybe there is also a project to browse these zim files from inside firefox.

Wikipedia is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, and kiwix is available under version 3 of the GNU General Public License GPLv3 with versions available for slaveware OS’s OSX and Windows, as well as free linux distributions.

See animation (screencast) of kiwix in operation.

Installation details
I downloaded and compiled kiwix-0.9 on debian current stable release (squeeze), using ./configure, make, make install. Package installations is available for Ubuntu, Gentoo and Archlinux.

Mornington Cresent

I made some bug fixes to the Mornington Cresent game on my webpages. Due to a programming error it was not possible to win and see the congratulatory message upon reaching Mornington Cresent. The error has now been fixed so why not have a go? 🙂

The original Mornington Crescent is a strategy game featured in the BBC Radio 4 show “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue“. The game is played on a map of the London Underground with the object of being the first player to reach Mornington Crescent.

Mornington Crescent Underground sign

Mornington Crescent tube station Wikipedia article.

The London telegraph have made a round up of how different countries are reporting the London riots.

S. H. IT Recruitment – not very good.

I can’t remember which website I saw this on, but I think they might want to consider their Favicon and web page title, when combined they might have a subtle subliminal effect. Searching around the web it seems like a lot of IT recruitment companies have the initials SH.

Unfortunate favicon and text combination

Unfortunate favicon and text combination

Sequences game

I made a new game for by website at, you can play [here].

In the game you have to say what is missing from the sequence presented to you.

I will be grateful for any suggestions for sequences I can add.

Exciting Election News

I momentarily thought that the news on BBC website was very interesting, and we might have a chance for real change in UK… (change you can believe in).

3 Dead

But then I notice that the pictures of the 3 leaders are associated with a different story.

Still Alive and kicking!

I was a bit shocked that people realised that we can easily come to same economic condition as Greece. Of course UK debt is completely different, Greek people are just lazy, and Goldman Sachs and Politicians have nothing to do with the situation.

It’s really a shame that 3 people die in the greek protests. I hope they didn’t die in vain.