Corbyn Takes Biscuit Question

Jeremy Corbyn is said to have contradicted himself this week, saying he is anti-sugar answering ‘mumsnet’s biscuit question’, despite listing jam-making among his hobbies. This human-like contradiction has thrown media types into a spin. It is part of a bold media-strategy to seem honest and genuine? Doesn’t he have people to prevent such straight forward answers? Gordon Brown famously took 24 hours to answer the same question when asked by mumsnet, but forewarned can be forearmed… we can therefore speculate on the layers of hidden meaning in Jeremy’s answer.

Mathew Norman at the Independent same up with some plausibly explanations

Michael Deacon at the telegraph thought readers wouldn’t be impressed with the answer

Russia today reported ‘internet loses it’

Melanie McDonagh in the spectator said that his biscuit answer made her like him

The Times reported that “Corbyn crumbles in face of Mumsnet cookie quiz”, and the Sun’s headline was “THAT TAKES THE BISCUIT Jeremy Corbyn slated by Mumsnet users after saying he was ‘anti-sugar’ when asked what his favourite biscuit was”.



By User:Dave souzaOwn work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

His answer was Shortbread biscuits, for US readers, in the UK a biscuit is like a cookie, not a scone. Was this simply an appeal to Scottish voters?


Is the UK a small island which no one pays attention to?

This week the Russians had to deny saying that the UK is a small island which no one pays attention to. After it was said that it was said by a Russian government official during negotiations about Western plans to illegally attack Syria.

When asked by reporters, Prime Minister David Cameron explained why this is not true, “The UK is a group of islands”.

The United Kingdom is a country of countries. CPG Grey has made a video which explains all about the UK and the remnants of the British empire (crown colonies).

Haunted Southampton

The guardian have revealed Southampton university is haunted because it is build on an Ancient Indian Burial site. Surely more usual in USA?

Exciting Election News

I momentarily thought that the news on BBC website was very interesting, and we might have a chance for real change in UK… (change you can believe in).

3 Dead

But then I notice that the pictures of the 3 leaders are associated with a different story.

Still Alive and kicking!

I was a bit shocked that people realised that we can easily come to same economic condition as Greece. Of course UK debt is completely different, Greek people are just lazy, and Goldman Sachs and Politicians have nothing to do with the situation.

It’s really a shame that 3 people die in the greek protests. I hope they didn’t die in vain.

Industry Losses

2 stories from BBC.
BBC is reporting about it’s citizen journalist scheme. One lady from Port Talbot in Wales has made a program about the threat to Jobs at the Corus plant there. She was refused a interview with the Corus’ new CEO Kirby Adams, she went to Mumbai and interviewed the head of Tata Steel – Balasubramanian Muthuraman.

The second story is scandalous. Workers are staging a sit-in protest over closure of the UK’s only wind turbine plant, and the loss of 625 jobs at Newport in the Isle of White (525 jobs) and Southampton (100). The Dutch parent company says Northern European orders are falling, but at the same time the UK government says we need more “green jobs”. The parent company at the same time reported a quarterly sales rise of 59% to 1.11bn euros.

UK Government sets Unrealisitic Climate Targets

The institute of physics have published a paper by Roger A Pielke Jr, in which he says the (UK) governments targets for climate change are unrealistic. In his paper The British Climate Change Act: a critical evaluation and proposed alternative approach he shows that the rate of change proposed by UK government is much higher than the rate of change made by the French in the past. More can be found on the IOP news feed.

Wind turbines in an Danish Storm

I think we are off to a good start because of the drop in the economy, but I don’t think that is a sustainable way to reduce CO2 which requires investment in nuclear power stations (short term) and renewables like wind. I think it is good to set a target, but I am a bit worried that there is a lack of consensus over what needs to be done.

Take a look at David Mackay’s book Sustainable Energy – without the hot air for a reasoned plan of how we can meet our future energy needs in the UK.