Sequences game

I made a new game for by website at, you can play [here].

In the game you have to say what is missing from the sequence presented to you.

I will be grateful for any suggestions for sequences I can add.


Nobel Prize Game

Nobel prize website has a kids game were we can make steels, don’t give much scope for allowing us to alter the allows, but shows which elements make up the compositions of some steels, and what they are used for.

Nobel information about steel making and Invar

Click Image to Play:
nobel prize invar and steels game

Do feel free to let me know your score.

MIT OpenCourseWare

I was impressed to see the systematic release of coursework into the public domain by MIT. A large amount of course material, lecture notes, exam questions and answers has been made available with a creative commons license and it available to take and modify for non-commercial uses [please check license issues yourself if you intend to do this]. The material covers many subject areas and a total of 1800 courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare

A video of Students Today

Ey By Gum, It’s not like the old days…

He’s a video about the student learning experience that was recently featured by youtube.