Metal from space?

BBC reported this story, a 1.8 kg lump of metal it thought to have fallen from space and landed in a loft of a home.

I find it really amazing, I would have thought it would do more damage.

Any one seen pictures or has any more information about this story?

Daily mail have a larger picture.


Stephen Hawking in Space.

Stephen Hawking has carried out his plan to fly on a zero-G plane. Before the flight he said he was looking forward to leaving his wheelchair after being confined for several decades.

Hawking lecture photograph

He’d really like to go to space next. Prof. Hawking says that mankind must go into space if we are to survive.

Hawking flies taken from BBC news website

New improved solar system

After the meeting of the International Astronomical Union, the solar system has been streamlined to a sleak 8 planets, with the repurposing of Pluto to the new classification of ‘dwarf planet’. The move follows an earlier move which increased the number of planets in the solar system to 12.
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