Naked Scientists on Super Bainite — Harry Bhadeshia Naked with Alan Bagg

Harry Bhadeshia and Alan Bagg appeared with the Naked Scientists (interviewed live on BBC Cambridgeshire) to talk about ‘Super Bainite’. and it’s potential applications for bearings A transcript of the interview can be read and the interview downloaded as an mp3. A seperate transcript is available for the part of the interview with Alan Bagg.

Later on in the program (around 45 mins–53 mins) there is an interview with Prof. Peter Brown about the use of Super Bainite as a armour. After which Harry and Alan field tweeted questions.

Photos of the BBC studio used for the interview can be seen on Harry Bhadeshia’s website.

Making Podcasts

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New Podcasts

I made three new podcasts with Prof. Harry Bhadeshia on his latest papers on transformation texture, the new delta-Trip steels and on prediction of Hot Strength of ferritic steels.

The work on transformation texture is from Saurabh Kundu’s thesis were Patel and Cohen’s model has been shown to correctly predict the orientation relationship between ferrite and austenite after martensitic transformation. It’s shown that variants are selected by free energy differences that can be calculated depending on the orientation.

The delta-Trip steels were developed as a result of the prediction of neural networks, were after the neural network was made computer optimisation was used to try and maximise the mechanical properties. This work was done with Saurabh Chatterjee in collaboration with Murugananth Marimuthu. Both Saurabh Kundu and Saurabh Chatterjee completed their PhD’s at Cambridge while visiting from Tata Steel, Murugananth Marimuthu is a previous member of the phase transformations group, and has now also joined Tata Steel’s research and development section.

The work on Hot Strength of ferritic steels is the part of Radu Dmitriu’s topic of research. A neural network model of the hot-strength of ferritic steels. It was observed from the neural network that the strength is expected to suddenly start to decrease at 800 Kelvin, which can has been explained to be due to changes in the mobility of dislocations.


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