PR Genius Max Clifford Gaffs as faces Yew Tree trial

As can be seen below, Public relations supremo Max Clifford is photographed in what seems like Nazi Salute, as he enters court to face trial on charges of sexual assault. This photograph appears on news website the international business times, just under photograph with NAZI Swastika.



Doppleganger search




Sophie Robehmed, a freelance journalist is searching for her own doppleganger, using the power of the internet, social networking, like twitter and facebook,, etc. It seems like Google’s neural network based image search (search link for above image) (search with alternative image)
is not able to provide this functionality as yet.

The image search is able to find other copies of the original flyer, or lots of pictures with women with brown hair, pictures of people with surrounded by similar colours as the image you are searching with… I guess that is pretty impressive but not doppelganger level yet. I guess this is to be expected since it is image search, not face search. I think better software is available for face matching. I think there is software available for automatic tagging of pictures (facebook would make a good database for training your neurons!).

Steely Prof. In News

Forbes India now have a dossier on Prof. Harry Bhadeshia,
Harry Bhadeshia’s Steel Connects UK, France. Only Steel is strong enough to do that.

How to launch an intervention of another country

This is what you need to say when launching an intervention of another country.

Cute News Mistake

I think someone must make this mistake for a bet?


Another blog:

I think they must use this image as place holder while they look for image of the suspect. Probably thinking that there is no way they wouldn’t spot it was wrong before putting it on TV.

Now this poor hamster is living in fear for its life.

The Independent – sanctimonious hypocrites or satirical half-wits?

Questions to which the answer is no

Questions to which the answer is no

Banks are lucky

Banks are lucky that they are the right size to ‘save’, as we remember, the banks were ‘too big to fail’. Which meant that when some of the banks became insolvent (bankrupt) all of the banks were eligible to receive welfare payments so that they could continue paying their bank clerks huge bonuses for doing the job they are already paid to do.

Now this week we learnt that it is also possible to be ‘too big to save’ like Italy, Spain and Portugal. These countries are too big to save if they get into financial difficulties, so we need to make sure it is possible to lend to them cheaply now just to make especially sure that they wont need to borrow money in the future.

Those banks sure are lucky to be ‘just the right size’ so receive state subsidies.