Cambridge Scientist Movies

So this year there are two big movies about the lives of Cambridge scientists. The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawkings (Spoiler Alert they didn’t find the Theory yet — I didn’t see the movie) and The Imitation Game about the life of Alan Turing (Spoiler Alert he dies). The question is, will they follow this success with a movie about another Cambridge Scientist, or just another scientist from anywhere?

What are your nominations for either category?


The Wolverine ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆



The kind of entertainment gives the brain a rest: good actions and pretty girls, no subtle script to think through. I have not watch the previous wolverine in 2009, so not be able to comment on the continuity, and did not know he had strong connection with the Japanese. I also can not think of any connection of this movie to any of the previous X-men series. It is said though that the ending is to connect with the coming new X-men movie.

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