Nerdy Breakfast

The breakfast on the hypotenuse is equal to the breakfasts on the other two sides.

Pythagorean breakfast.

Pythagorean breakfast.


Sequences game

I made a new game for by website at, you can play [here].

In the game you have to say what is missing from the sequence presented to you.

I will be grateful for any suggestions for sequences I can add.

The Thesis

I submitted my thesis to the board of graduate studies on Monday, I then chased around on Tuesday collecting signatures so that I can be reinstated on to the board of graduate students. I think I am a student now and I think I know who my examiners are, probably should wait go get some official notification.

but… yay!

It’s really good to get to point were I am happy with the work at least 🙂

A video of Students Today

Ey By Gum, It’s not like the old days…

He’s a video about the student learning experience that was recently featured by youtube.