What I learnt from KPOP (part 4)

I learnt Lady Gaga’s songs can be improved… This song Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom (삐리뽐 빼리뽐) by group Co-Ed School (남녀공학) seems to be heavily inspired by Lady Gaga’s hit telephone. Also I learnt that Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom is a Onomatopoeia invented for this song… presumably to rhyme with telephone.

Remix Telephone-Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom


What I learnt from KPOP (part 3)

I learnt Hyuna is Red.

This song is based on a Korean nursary rhyme.

원숭이엉덩이는빨개 (Monkey’s butt is red)
빨간건 사과 (Red apple)
사과는맛있어 (Apple is delicious)
맛있는건 바나나 (Delicious banana)
바나나는 길어 (Banana is long)
길면 기차 ([If] Long train)
기차는 빨라 (Train is fast)


What I learnt from KPOP (Part 2)

From Orange Caramel’s ‘까탈레나(Catallena)’ MV I learnt that is is acceptable to eat sushi using no utensils.

Further, a brief research on the `internets’ tells me that sushi is traditionally a finger food so it completely acceptable or even preferred to eat it that way.

  • Nigiri-sushi (hand-shaped sushi — may fall apart if using chopsticks) — fingers.
  • Cone sushi or hand rolls — fingers.
  • Rolled sushi — fingers or chopsticks.
  • Chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) is eaten with chopsticks (maybe fork).

The song 까탈레나(Catallena), samples a Punjabi wedding folk song — Jutti Meri Jandiye, containing the lyrics “Jutti Meri Oye Hoi Hoi, Paula Mera Oye Hoi Hoi”, you can find lyrics and translation at kkromanized.



What I learnt from KPOP

Korean Pop is very educational, I didn’t know that South Korea has a female President (Park Geun-hye).

Female President — Girl’s Day 여자대통령

We have a female president
Why so timid? What’s the problem?
If a girl kisses first, she gets arrested or what?