Invasion of Libya and Gadaffi

The removal of Gadafi seems a bit strange after he seemed to become closer to the western countries.

It’s so depressing to see that nothing ever changes. It seems like the Gadafi regime became no longer he most useful to the western powers, and we have started processes to produce a new one. It would be very interesting to know all the deals that were made in the previous couple of years, Gadafi made deals with British and French about Oil and nuclear technologies. He demonstrated that he wasn’t producing WMD and US shipped out 25 tonnes of centrifuge equipment, uranium and documentation of their nuclear programme in 2004. What is the outcome? Same as for Saddam Hussein or anyone else that doesn’t have WMD it seems. It is difficult to imagine that Libya would be having their military destroyed by airstrikes if they had a nuclear capability (or if their capability was an unknown). Yet a US states department spokesman commented “Where they’re at today has absolutely no connection with them renouncing their nuclear program or nuclear weapons,”. This might be difficult to believe for the North Koreans who may feel their policy is vindicated by this outome.

Too bad for Libya, it seems they not only have oil and gas but also sunshine and a little iron ore.
Libya Land Use

Libya was the first place to be bombed from the air when more than 100 years ago Italian forces dropped bombs from the cockpit of fighter planes onto Tripoli. The UN recently investigated removing mines from the Libyan borders with Chad and with Egypt as reported by the telegraph and wikileaks.

How to spell Quadaffi name is summarised by flowchart available at wikipedia.


Hi everyone, happy new year. This is not much of a posting but it breaks the duck for Jaunary 2013.

How to launch an intervention of another country

This is what you need to say when launching an intervention of another country.

LIberal Doublespeak – paying more is paying less

Liberal democrats are claiming that students who will pay more for their education in the future will be paying less.

Their argument seems to be that the longer you delay paying back a loan, and the slower you pay it back the better.

I’m a bit worried that politicians can make this argument so easily, I think this is the same way they think about borrowing on the national scale. At least on the national scale one thing they often seem to forget is that the cost of borrowing can change.

I think it is very disingenuous to claim that richer students will pay more for their loans because they will pay them back sooner. Also does this mean no one will have a choice but to borrow to pay for their education, will it be compulsory to take loans from the government, or will students be allowed to pay upfront if they have the money? Paddy Ashdown seemed to claim that no one will pay for their education (only pay it back later).

Did we enter the world of double speak?

If anyone knows where I can read the proposals for this legislation please let me know. Mr Ashdown suggested we should read, but didn’t say where.

You know you are in trouble when…

… you are criticised by Vatican about Human rights.

More details on sites like this:
monster and critics


Exciting Election News

I momentarily thought that the news on BBC website was very interesting, and we might have a chance for real change in UK… (change you can believe in).

3 Dead

But then I notice that the pictures of the 3 leaders are associated with a different story.

Still Alive and kicking!

I was a bit shocked that people realised that we can easily come to same economic condition as Greece. Of course UK debt is completely different, Greek people are just lazy, and Goldman Sachs and Politicians have nothing to do with the situation.

It’s really a shame that 3 people die in the greek protests. I hope they didn’t die in vain.

Missile Tests!

A quick look at will show the surprising news that North Korea aren’t the only ones testing missiles!

For USA news you can also see here:

Excocet Missile Launch from wikipedia.

With so much news about North Korea launching a few rockets, you might be shocked to know that USA, Britain, France, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, China are all testing missiles regularly!

March 29, 2009 Indian tests cruise missile: official (developed with Russia).
Apr 02, 2009 Raytheon Standard Missile-2 Destroys Target
May 07, 2009 Raytheon Develops Anti-Surface Warfare Capability For Tomahawk Block IV Missile More than 1900 Tomahawk missiles launched in combat since 1991.
May 20, 2009 Iran hails successful test of new medium-range missile
May 29, 2009 KMSAM Program Achieves Significant Milestone (USA and South Korea)

May 28, 2009 NKorea blast likely less powerful than hoped: expert

The explosive, while larger than the first test in October 2006, was still far short of the expected yield of a crude Hiroshima-type bomb, according to Jeffrey Park, director of the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies.

“More than likely this means North Korea tried and failed to get a simple plutonium bomb to detonate correctly,” Park wrote in an article on the website of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.