Kobe Steel executives take a bow

Kobe steel humbled over data fabrication scandal that started in Copper and Aluminium section which has been a growing sector of the company.


Problem reportedly about copper and aluminium durability levels according to the worlds press, concern spreads that it points to problems in company culture, and other products may be effected.

Kobe steel press releases in English can be found here: http://www.kobelco.co.jp/english/releases

The revelations comes soon after announcement of joint venture to set up aluminium manufacturing plant in South Korea.


Max Keiser on British Manufacturing

Max Keiser (RT) says only 10% of UK GDP is from manufacturing for export, and points out this is a shame since UK can do excellent manufacturing, as proved by Rolls-Royce Group plc.

How to make UK a developing country again?

So many times on the radio or in new papers you will see reference to `developed’ and `developing countries’. This at best is a lazy description, since we are only considering the economies. In g.c.s.e geography I learned that we should call these as economically more developed and economically less developed countries.

I really hate the term `developed country’, how will we have any growth/change in the economy if it can’t develop?

Any idea how to make UK a developing country, ideally without destroying too much whatever progress we made in the past?

Earnings and sector of employment in UK cities


future 2

You can see what HSBC think is the answer here (future of business). Pictures above will be explained, lots of new business should be developed in Cambridge… bio, nano, plastics, etc.