Apple and Jobs

Steve Jobs 1980 (23:00), how apple computers started.

LISA 1983 (8:30) — trying to introduce consumer computing

Getting software on the MAC (Lotus 123, Microsoft)

The LISA computer (14:09) — trying to introduce consumer computing

Apple Adverts from 1984

Apple Advert with Bill Gates

John Scully on how Jobs got fired from Apple (8:03)

Building NeXT (20:46)

Brain Storming in NeXT (23:00)

Pixar (12:39) — owning success, when to exit by IPO

Dealing with a question on OpenDoc vs Java (5:13)

Jobs introduces itunes

Company structure / managing

Wozniak on Jobs movie

The deal with Microsoft is the most important move… ensuring Word was on the mac permanently meant it could be used interchangeably with a windows PC.. helped to make as de-facto standard / monopoly player while staving off anti-competition claims. Today Mac computers use PC hardware, sleek hardware and software built on unix system differentiates the system from windows. Apple has proved to be a hugely successful marketing/ design company with a huge cash surplus from it’s repeated successes.
Here we can see what is the difference between macintosh and Microsoft, two successful companies which don’t actually compete directly. From the start, apple has been about delivering a standardised easy to use computer, which is integrated so the user doesn’t need to know about what is inside — computing for the rest of us. Microsoft don’t sell computers, they sell software. They were happy to sell their office software on to apple computers.
In the early days, the garage built apple II computer was a success and gave a cash flow, apple was able to introduce mass production techniques (assembly line with latest just-in-time stock control) to produce the macintosh. The apple mac is first core product which makes apple a success, today’s imac looks amazing similar in construction (although the components have changed it’s basically the same design (a sealed box with monitor, CPU and power transformer).
Something astonishing is that they have been recently able to have additional success, they successfully introduces the itunes market place, which they have been able to sell their ipod. iphone and ipad.

Apple Titan icar — available in any color as long as it’s white?

Apple — the iphone maker, not the record label; is rumoured to be developing an electric car. I wonder if this means they have taken up the designs that Elon Musk made available by releasing his patents in a move to open up the market. In much the same way that they took up the BSD system to create OSX, the system on their profitable iphone.

So what would an apple car look like and what segment would be targeted? Leaked pictures look like they are developing a big black people carrier.

The guardian gave 10 cheeky reasons to hope that apple isn’t developing a car.

LIberal Doublespeak – paying more is paying less

Liberal democrats are claiming that students who will pay more for their education in the future will be paying less.

Their argument seems to be that the longer you delay paying back a loan, and the slower you pay it back the better.

I’m a bit worried that politicians can make this argument so easily, I think this is the same way they think about borrowing on the national scale. At least on the national scale one thing they often seem to forget is that the cost of borrowing can change.

I think it is very disingenuous to claim that richer students will pay more for their loans because they will pay them back sooner. Also does this mean no one will have a choice but to borrow to pay for their education, will it be compulsory to take loans from the government, or will students be allowed to pay upfront if they have the money? Paddy Ashdown seemed to claim that no one will pay for their education (only pay it back later).

Did we enter the world of double speak?

If anyone knows where I can read the proposals for this legislation please let me know. Mr Ashdown suggested we should read, but didn’t say where.

Pret A Manger Against Science?

I really like the sandwiches that Pret make, but after reading the blurb on the back of my sandwich yesterday, I am a bit worried about their stance on science.

Pret A Manger Sandwich Pack

Pret A Manger Sandwich Pack

So if scientists are so terrible what lengths do they go to to avoid them? Does this mean they only employ liberal arts students in their shops were the sandwiches are made? Do they avoid using any scientific theories about hygiene? Are they going to remove the refrigerators and monitoring methods they use? What about their Coffee makers? They seem quite complicated, how can they be sure no science was used in the design?

Of course I appreciate that they make their sandwiches from recognisable ingredients rather than synthesising them using industrial chemicals, but I also think it is a bit spurious to claim that this doesn’t interfere with nature. Most of the food we eat isn’t really ‘natural’ they have been domesticated by the introduction of farming. (A notable exception are berries, because although we grow them we can’t really propagate them better than birds can, so can’t interfere with with the selection of the next generation).

Shame on Pret A Manger for propagating FUD, I thought your sandwiches were better than that.

Predicting the Future

Cartoons seem to be a pretty good way to predict the future…

No one will walk in the Future.
Brown County Democrat, December 28, 1900.

Segway picture

… to think those guys in 1900 probably thought they were being funny.

I wonder if this proves Karl Marx was right in what he said about consumerism leading to production of useless products.