Saving Energy

Make Energy Reduction Your New Years Resolution

Energy Reduction

If we all make a small saving it will make a large difference.

No, that will make a small difference 🙂

Small changes could only make large changes is we thought that Chaos theory could be applied. In that case “making a small saving may make a large difference” could have been used.

For a more rational assessment of energy policy you can look at David MacKays book, in which he uses numbers to examine the problems of supplying sustainable energy to the UK. The book can be found online at

One way to save a little energy may be to use LED lighting as developed by Prof. Colin Humphreys. Which you can read about in the EPSRC press release
Low–Cost LEDs to Slash Household Electric Bills
. This can save energy in cases where household heating is supplied by Gas, or perhaps by heat exchangers (tungsten filament light bulbs also provide heating which may or may not be regarded as wasteful).


Tony Blair talks about the importance of scientists for the future of Britain

New scientist Editor Jeremy Webb has interviewed prime minister Tony Blair in a podcast. The prime minister talks about the importance of scientists to the future of the economy of Britain. He says scientists need to engage more with the public and with industry to exploit scientific ideas.

Tony Blair and George Bush

The interview discusses issues including links between academia and industry, ethics, stem cell research, MMR vaccine, animal testing, nuclear power, carbon dioxide emissions, genetically modified foods, creationism, and faith schools. Continue reading

Times they are a-changin’

How times have changed, if you think of people protesting against a power station, it’s more likely to occur to you that it would be a nuclear power station with all the controversy they entail.

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