Capacity of wind turbines and turbines

Country Windpower capacity (MW)
China 44,733
United States 40,180
Germany 27,215
Spain 20,676
India 13,066
Italy 5,797
France 5,660
United Kingdom 5,204
Canada 4,008
Denmark 3,734

Source: Wikipedia/ World Wind Energy Report 2010. World Wind Energy Association. February 2011.

Wind turbines

World’s largest offshore wind farms Wind farm (from Wikipedia various refs (click)

Capacity (MW) Country Turbines and model Commissioned
Thanet 300 United Kingdom 100 × Vestas V90-3MW 2010
Horns Rev II 209 Denmark 91 × Siemens 2.3-93 2009
Rødsand II 207 Denmark 90 × Siemens 2.3-93 2010
Lynn and Inner Dowsing 194 United Kingdom 54 × Siemens 3.6-107 2008
Robin Rigg (Solway) 180 United Kingdom 60 × Vestas V90-3MW 2010
Gunfleet Sands 172 United Kingdom 48 × Siemens 3.6-107 2010
Nysted (Rødsand I) 166 Denmark 72 × Siemens 2.3 2003

Looks like capacity of single wind turbines for offshore is 3MW each. That means we need less than 2000 to replace a nuclear power station… Now it’s only 1334.

Total capacity for UK is now around the 1 nuclear power station mark.


How much is 1 tonne of carbon dioxide

I have a problem visualising 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. Firstly it is colourless, secondly it is usually a gas. So what sort of volume are we talking about?

Relative Molecular weight = 12 + 16 + 16 = 32 + 12 = 44 g / mol.
1 tonne of CO2 = 1000 × 1000 / 44 = 22727.27 moles

One mole of an ideal gas at STP occupies 22.4 litres (US liters).
Assuming CO2 is an ideal gas, approximate volume of 1 tonne of CO2 is 509090.9 litres = 5.1 ML (Megalitre).
5.1 ML = 5.09×106 × 0.001 = 509 m3

An olympic swimming pool is 50 m × 25 m × 2 m (minimum depth) = 2500 m3, so it would take 5 tonnes of gaseous CO2 to fill one.

Can Christ the Redeemer statue be flooded?

Christ Redeemer Sunk by Greenpeace

Greenpeace highlight climate change impact by sinking landmarks

Christ the Redeemer statue sits on a 9.5 meter pedestal located at the peak of the 700-metre Corcovado mountain it seems quite unlikely to be sunk by sea level rises in the near future. However if Green peace are predicting this 700 meter sea level rise I agree that would be challenging for human populations.

Does anyone know how much sea level is predicted to rise, how much it has risen recently?

UK Government sets Unrealisitic Climate Targets

The institute of physics have published a paper by Roger A Pielke Jr, in which he says the (UK) governments targets for climate change are unrealistic. In his paper The British Climate Change Act: a critical evaluation and proposed alternative approach he shows that the rate of change proposed by UK government is much higher than the rate of change made by the French in the past. More can be found on the IOP news feed.

Wind turbines in an Danish Storm

I think we are off to a good start because of the drop in the economy, but I don’t think that is a sustainable way to reduce CO2 which requires investment in nuclear power stations (short term) and renewables like wind. I think it is good to set a target, but I am a bit worried that there is a lack of consensus over what needs to be done.

Take a look at David Mackay’s book Sustainable Energy – without the hot air for a reasoned plan of how we can meet our future energy needs in the UK.