Digital electronics engineer James Newman, has built a ten meter long, two meter tall processor using transistors. Running at speeds up to 8 kHz the project ran out of control with total spend of forty thousand UK pounds (£40k). Unlike a computer on a chip, the system allows visualisation of the processes and architecture of a modern computer central processing unit (CPU). James is looking to site the computer in a museum or have it tour the UK to educate the public. Currently it’s possible to visit the computer during open days in James’ lounge were the machine was built.

A physically large chunk of memory built using LEDs allows visualisation of the data stored, and can be used to play Tetris!



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More info on the Magaprocessor website:

Other homebew machines can be seen here: Home Brew Computer Ring.


Mr Asbo ‘Disappeared’

`Cam conservators’ have introduced their final solution to permanently resolve the Mr Asbo problem and removed him to an `undisclosed location’.