It’s not about the bike

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Floyd Landis has been stripped of his 2006 Tour De France win after testing positive testosterone. Firstly the ‘A sample’ had an unusually high ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone (11:1 where the permitted ratio is 4:1) . Further testing with mass spectrometery showed that the testosterone to be of synthetic origin, due to a difference in the carbon isotope ratio.

He retains the status of champion and the yellow Jersey pending the findings of the enquiry of the United States anti-doping agency acting on behalf of the USA cycling and the international cycling union.

Controversy over use of drugs started before the race when favourites Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich withdrew after the Operación Puerto doping case.

Bayesian statistics
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Tour De Cambridge

The Tour De France will visit Cambridge, the council has put a marker on the road to show the start position. It looks like they will start on the cycle path, maybe this is to avoid Cambridge pot-holes?

Tour De Cambridge Start, Tour De France

Tour De Cambridge Start, Tour De France, Photograph Courtesy of Rose Yan.

Le Grande Depart pour Le Tour will kick off in Yorkshire.

It’s not about the bike…

Here are some interesting articles about cycling;

First up us some pictures of my new bicycle.

In second place news that the Tour De France’slanternes naturelles‘ have finally completed the race. Finland’s Piet Kvistik, a domestique with the Crédit Mondial team, claimed the maillot popre for the highest-finishing non-doping rider (142nd overall).

Thirdly the Guardian is Giving a way a bike, and it sounds fairly nice too, to promote The cycle show at London’s Earl Court on 11th-14th October.