Women’s football played by teams of women shocker

I think this might be an abuse of internet bandwidth by the BBC…

Women's Football World Cup Results (League stage)

Women’s football, played by women

When it comes to Men’s football, no gender is specified anywhere, this is a bit confusing for me. Also the page of Women’s football contains football league table for the Men’s premiership, maybe it would be chance to link to club level Women’s football? That’s certainly what my expectation was.


Parliamentary election in Cambridge

BBC radio Cambridgeshire held a debate with five candidates who have declared they will be standing for the member of parliament for Cambridge.

Julian Huppert – Liberal Democrats
Patrick O’Flynn – UKIP
Rupert Read – Green Party
Chamali Fernando – Conservatives
Daniel Zeichner – Labour

Psychic octopus makes correct prediction!

In this BBC story they reported the prediction of Octopus about outcome of Germany’s world cup matches (Not a perfect record however – some games obviously against form).

Anyway the Octopus was sucessful, so rather than selling this octopus, the previous ownersners should have entered it into James Randi’s paranormal challenge.

Of course I prefer the explaination that the Octopus is simply intelligent, maybe had watched the previous performances, and there being no octopus teams in the world cup he maybe has advantage of being impartial too.

Allergy Epedemic

Allergy epidemic gets ‘poor care’ reports BBC.

Poor care and confusing advice is being used to deal with an allergy epidemic in the UK, experts have said.

But the story contains no information about why this epidemic is occurring.