Gliding in Diamonds

Image shows a unit cell for diamond crystal structure, the vertical line indicates the ‘glide plane’, this is one type of symmetry found in the diamond structure. Advertisements

How to make a diamond

Research commissioned by the Diamond Trading Company shows that 94% of women prefer natural diamonds to synthetic ones. However for the remaining 6% there are two established ways to make your own diamond.


It’s reported in the press that the diamond facility has made it’s first observation of synchrotron light, they achieved this on 30th May, after first getting electrons around the storage ring for the first time on 5th May. See the BBC news coverage here (including video). Diamond can host up to forty beamlines from it’s […]

Rock Hard Carbide

Hard Rock cafe in Chicago is in the Carbide and Carbon Building, maybe a more appropriate name would be the “Rock Hard Cafe”? Carbides are fairly hard materials, and carbon, in the form of diamond is the hardest. More info on one carbide (Fe3C cementite):

1M Prize for Engineering

Presumably to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and to also celebrate engineering, a 1M pound prize has been announced to be given biannually for achievements in engineering. Lord Browne, Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Prize Foundation, said, ‘Too often the engineers behind the most brilliant innovations remain hidden – The Queen Elizabeth Prize aims to […]