How cold are some temperatures?

Absolute zero 0 K (-273.15 °C; 459.67 °F) and 0 Rankine.

The coldest temperature achieved by technology in a Bose-Einstein condensate is 170 nK in around 2000 atoms of Rubidium-87.

The record cold temperature achieved by technology at the scale of micrometers is 360 microKelvins.

The universes temperature is 2.5 K.

Liquid nitrogen N2 boils at 77 K (−196 °C; −320 °F).

Argon boiling point 87 K ​(−186 °C, ​−302.5 °F).

Solid carbon dioxide CO2 sublimes at 195 K (−79 °C; −109 °F).

The lowest reliably measured temperature on Earth of 183.9 K (−89.2 °C; −128.6 °F) was recorded at Vostok Station in Antartica on 21 July 1983.

A harsh temperature to test steel toughness is 233 K (-40 °C; -40 °F).

Water freezes at 273.15 K (0°C;​ 32 °F).

Maximum density of water 274.15 K (4°C; ​ 39 °F).

Human body temperature around 310 K (37 °C; 98 °F).

Pizza is cooked at 450 K (180°C; 370 °F).

K = Kelvin
C= Celsius
F= Fahrenheit

Unofficial diving signal for cold — Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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