AlphaZero perspective on value in chess

AlphaZero is an AI which has been trained to play several sorts of games.

By training not from existing games but by self-play, has provided a new analysis of games. The style of play is different from more traditional chess engines due to the more complex analysis performed, which provides a different perspective on the value of different moves.

Some videos from IM Anna Rudolf on AlphaZero syle of chess play. There is a playlist on her youtube site here:

AlphaZero’s Attacking Chess

AlphaZero’s Positional Play (Exchange Sacrifice!)

Visiting the DeepMind Headquarters: My AlphaZero Challenge

Attack Like AlphaZero: Opposite-Side Castling (Lesson 1)

Attack Like AlphaZero: Damaged Kingside (Lesson 2)

Attack Like AlphaZero: The Power of the King (Lesson 3)

Steel Science 2017 online

International Symposium on Steel Science

Characterization and design of multiscale heterostructures in advanced steels.