Dyson blowing hot air?

BBC report

James Dyson with hairdryer -- BBC

James Dyson with hairdryer — BBC

I don’t mind if I only sell 100 a year, as long as those 100 people think it’s really good. I wouldn’t make much money but that’s not always the point. That’s not what drives us, that’s not what makes it exciting.

— Sir James Dyson

Has Sir James Dyson gone mad? After spending 50 million pounds investigating problems of hair-dryers and launching his own luxury hairdryer retailing at 300 pounds, he says he would be happy to sell just 100 units. As long as his customers are happy. That would generate a revenue of 30,000 pounds. Or roughly a loss of 50 million pounds. To recoup the money roughly 200,000 units would need to be sold. Wow! What a charitable man!

The product will launch in Japan, a country of around 200 million, where 96% of likely customers already have a hairdryer.

The Dyson company founded by James Dyson, had a turnover of 1.7bn pounds last year, is best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners and high-speed hand dryers, and says it has a further 40 products in development.


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