Relativity accessible?

Who best to explain theory of relativity? Now that we can measure gravitational waves, it looks like this theory has a look in?

Any how, I stumbled on this book by Albert Einstein which is in public domain, last time I checked it was available as html, text and something called “MS Word Document” — whatever that means. The book “Relativity : the Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein” is the famous paper which explained all this clever stuff.

Just checked back there and now you can download a TeX file from project Gutenberg. This is revolutionary, now you can produce a beautifully typeset document to peruse.

The TeX file seems to compile fine, I used pdflatex and got a few warnings, there where warnings about illegal character on saving the file, hope you can avoid these problems.

Anyway great news for Einstein fans, read his theory explained in his own words, or words he endorsed.

Download TeX here:

Or you can probably find pdf for free, or pay 90p for kindle version. 🙂

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