A Bainite Blog Story

Recently ‘HKDHB.’ visited Japan and met with Teruhisa Okumara, a man who plays a vital role in the founding of this blog –that’s because he is the original author of another blog which was called bainite. It all started in one of the famous Cambridge tea breaks…

HKDHB happy at the success of his website was advising us that his quality content if what brings visitors to his website (seriously check out the phase transformations website if you are looking for information about metals). A the time blogs were quite a new phenomenon and the problem was how search engines were going to reduce the ‘blog noise’. Because blogs are heavily cross-linked and regularly updated there was a concern that it might be hard to find [other] quality content on the internet. Anyway Teruhisa mentioned this and said he would start a blog called “bainite” which would then become the topped ranked page when anyone searched for “bainite”. What happened next is a matter of some debate. He created the blog on a Japanese blogging site, and it did indeed become the top ranked page when searching for bainite when searching for Japanese language pages. Happy he had proved his point he then removed the page. Some people dispute this counts as being the number one in search engines…

Anyway the seed of having a bainite blog had been planted and later I created this blog to practice my writing and see if it was possible to claim the top result for the bainite search term.

Meanwhile, back to HKDBH and Teruhisa, Teruhisa made a song for bainite while he was in Cambridge, on a recent visit HKDBH asked him to sing the song again.

Bainite… it’s special… because it’s not Pearlite (or Martensite).


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  1. Very nice report Mathew – brings back memories

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