Page 3 Gotcha

After the Murdoch (News Corp) owned times reported on the end of ‘page 3’ topless models in the Murdoch owned Sun newspaper (News Corp), the story has received much coverage by other newspapers.

It was reported that the practise was being phased out because it was regarded as anachronistic (after Murdoch tweeted it was old-fashioned in September 2014), and would only return if publishing without ‘page 3’ resulted in lower sales.

However, today the Sun included a topless model on page 3 model saying that the news of the demise was premature.

Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to clarify that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth. We would like to apologise on behalf of the print and broadcast journalists who have spent the last two days talking and writing about us.

So this must be a slow news week, and good for News Corp to generate a lot of it’s own news. Last week you will remember that News Corp owned Fox news stupidly stated that Birmingham was a no go area for non-Muslims.

Controversy Timesline

  • 16 January – supposedly the last to carry the feature.
  • 20 January  -article in The Times strongly implies that a decision had been made to end ‘Page 3’.
  • 22 January – The Sun returns to publishing shots of topless female models.

So the question remains, would it be better for those campaigning against the practise of ‘page 3’ be better just ignoring the Sun newspaper until it goes away?