Invasion of Libya and Gadaffi

The removal of Gadafi seems a bit strange after he seemed to become closer to the western countries.

It’s so depressing to see that nothing ever changes. It seems like the Gadafi regime became no longer he most useful to the western powers, and we have started processes to produce a new one. It would be very interesting to know all the deals that were made in the previous couple of years, Gadafi made deals with British and French about Oil and nuclear technologies. He demonstrated that he wasn’t producing WMD and US shipped out 25 tonnes of centrifuge equipment, uranium and documentation of their nuclear programme in 2004. What is the outcome? Same as for Saddam Hussein or anyone else that doesn’t have WMD it seems. It is difficult to imagine that Libya would be having their military destroyed by airstrikes if they had a nuclear capability (or if their capability was an unknown). Yet a US states department spokesman commented “Where they’re at today has absolutely no connection with them renouncing their nuclear program or nuclear weapons,”. This might be difficult to believe for the North Koreans who may feel their policy is vindicated by this outome.

Too bad for Libya, it seems they not only have oil and gas but also sunshine and a little iron ore.
Libya Land Use

Libya was the first place to be bombed from the air when more than 100 years ago Italian forces dropped bombs from the cockpit of fighter planes onto Tripoli. The UN recently investigated removing mines from the Libyan borders with Chad and with Egypt as reported by the telegraph and wikileaks.

How to spell Quadaffi name is summarised by flowchart available at wikipedia.