Zero Carbon

Hehe, this is a draft post I made six years ago, slightly amended. I note that recently the UK has paid energy companies for providing electricity to the UK market, and we have also agreed the building of a new nuclear power station Hinkley point C, built by French and Chinese governments (I mean EDF, China General Nuclear and China National Nuclear Corporation). I should search for some numbers about CO2 released in different countries of Europe and also how they produce their power.

Just want to make a quick post, pointing out one method to stop CO2 emission. Inspired by those who are calling for a zero carbon. If we all just stop breathing this will eliminate nearly all our emissions. If you don’t believe me it’s possible you can try to just stop breathing for a few minutes first.

The leading country at solving this problem in a practical way may well be Germany, where everyone had a chance to help solve the problem, after the German Government has made sure that everyone has the opportunity to generate electricity which will be distributed on their national grid. I don’t know how much of a practical solution this is, but it makes sense that solar generators and wind power has to be in a distributed network — rather than centralised like a conventional power station. This shifts power away from a dependence on central distribution, and means that appropriate technologies can be quickly developed. This is due to the strength of the green party which has been decisive in forming coalition governments.