What I learnt from KPOP

Korean Pop is very educational, I didn’t know that South Korea has a female President (Park Geun-hye).

Female President — Girl’s Day 여자대통령

We have a female president
Why so timid? What’s the problem?
If a girl kisses first, she gets arrested or what?

Running on Straight Rails

Boffins in Austria have been studying railway tracks to better understand the residual stresses that result from straightening them during processing.

Roller straightening is the final step in production of the rails, after hot rolling is performed at around 1000&degree;C cooling (presumably with water spray) results in curvature of the rails. This varies depending on the rail geometry and cooling conditions.

Results from finite element modelling, and measurement of stresses using the contour method and neutron diffraction were compared. The model matches the trends of the measurements in the vertical plane (possibly the mode important since it has the largest residual stresses). In the paper comparison of neutron results for triaxial stresses shows there are residual stresses in the plane perpendicular to the vertical through the rail tool, although these were not predicted by the FEM model.

Residual Stresses

Residual Stresses along vertical symmetry axis


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Metal working machines

Hebo machines have posted a nice video showing various machines for cold forming steel.

Completely unrelated, this is beautiful machine too, desktop injection moulding:

Laser engineering to produce hydrophobic surfaces

TheEngineer has an article covering work by scientists at the University of Rochester who have achieved the surface modification of metals, by treatment with lasers, to make the surfaces hydrophilic or super-hydrophobic. In their study they used titanium, brass and platinum.

Bouncing water drops

Bouncing water drops from modified metal surface

Original paper: http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/journal/jap/117/3/10.1063/1.4905616

Friends of Ditton Meadows

Friends of Ditton Meadows group has been formed in response to the councils plans to build a bridge on the Ditton Meadows side of the railway bridge along The Reach. The bridge is to connect the new railway station for pedestrians and cyclists.

Friends of Ditton Meadows being introduced. Formed to defend meadows from threats of development.

— Richard Taylor (Twitter)


Local government plans showing site of new railway station to serve science park, and planned extension to the guided-bus-way.