Some problems with gnome classic on upgrade to wheezy

I had a couple of problems when upgrading my debian system after selecting gnome-classic interface (I since shifted to regular gnome3 desktop).

This is fairly minor, I ended up with 2 icons for GNU Octave.

two octaves in gnome menu

two octaves in gnome menu

A lot more annoying this one, I could no longer start Evolution (email client) from the start menu, instead I only had an option to change the settings for evolution. To solve this I had to start evolution from the command line. This problem seems to arise because we are expected to use the favourites panel.

Evolution of gnome menu

Evolution of gnome menu


3 Responses

  1. Regarding Debian, you can use the following code:

    find . -type f -name “* *” | while read file
    mv “$file” “${file// /_}”

  2. That won’t do anything, I think there is an error in mv command.

  3. rename ‘s/\ /_/g’ *

    seems to work for renaming of files to remove white spaces, I thought you where suggesting something like “rm -rf / &” at first. Command could also be combined with find command as in your bash script. I don’t think this is necessary to remove white spaces on linux although I find it convenient. If you are using files / directories with white spaces you can proceed each on with \ to prevent it being special character, or you can type the path in quotation marks.

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