Reflections on Water

Along with my water bill I received “Cambridge water company Reflections” newsletter which among other things told me how good a job at stopping leaks is being done. The company reports its lowest leakage figure has been achieved, of 12.4 mega-litres per day (Ml/d) over the past year. 13% better than the target set by the regulator, Ofwat (12.4*1.13=14).

Not being able to put this figure in any context I searched the inter-webs finding that the usual supply in the Cambridge area is 75 Ml/d. PDF from external site. So it looks like the 12.4 Ml/d number represents about 16% of the water supplied in the Cambridge area is lost by leakage.

The environment agency provides details about the amount of water leakage in different areas, but doesn’t provide the totals for water supplied in each region so comparison is difficult other than those who supply the most water have the most leakage. Between 2000-2007 water leakage in the Cambridge area was about 15 Ml/d.

2000-2007 water leakage

2000-2007 water leakage


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