Adventures of installing gcc on OSX mountain lion using xcode

Got a bit lost trying to install gcc on a new mac today. Xcode had already been installed using the mac download center or possibly the apple developer website. Somehow this had resulted in the installation of version from 2008. The suggestions at Stackoverflow/ How to use/install gcc on Mac OS X 10.8 / Xcode 4.4 were very useful except it took a while to work out we had an older version of xcode (we had version 3.1.2 – I thought older versions had gcc bundled?). I think this mistake is pretty easy to make because it is so odd that we managed to get the older xcode using the updates from apples website or the download center.

I think this might result from searching for gcc rather than searching for xcode. The string gcc is no longer in the blurb describing the xcode package, but it used to be in 2008.

Older version of xcode without option to install gcc

I believe this is the method recomended by apple to get gcc on your mac. To download xcode you have to register using an email address, either on the software center / itunes or on the developer website (probably just as easy to use). I think it is possible to get gcc without xcode, but I don’t know if tools like fink, portmap and homebrew allow/expect this or not.


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