Enriched Uranium Weapons used in Iraq?

Russia Today have interviewed Christopher Busby (as visiting Professor of the University of Ulster). Busby reports that measurements on the parents of malformed children born in the area contaminated by the battle of Falluja had high levels of Uranium isotopes indicating the use of enriched uranium rather than depleted uranium. He proposes 3 alternatives;
use of enriched uranium to mask depleted uranium (since it can be detected by looking at isotope ration as he was attempting)
thermo–baric weapons containing uranium powders used as anti–personal weapons
science fiction weapons that we don’t know about

Russia Today, Busby: Enriched uranium weapons new battlefield horror

Christopher Busby has been a long time proponent of low level radiation damage, you can find an ad hominid attack here Chris Busby Exposed.


One Response

  1. Chris Busby is a statistical charlatan – guilty of double counting & post-hoc group selection http://iopscience.iop.org/0952-4746/28/1/001/pdf/0952-4746_28_1_001.pdf

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